Sync Servers

Santa’s SyncBaseURL configuration flag allows you to synchronize with a management server, which uploads events that have occurred on the machine and downloads new rules.

There are several open-source servers you can sync with:

  • Moroz: A simple golang server that serves hard-coded rules from configuration files.
  • Rudolph: An AWS-based serverless sync service primarily built on API GW, DynamoDB, and Lambda components to reduce operational burden. Rudolph is designed to be fast, easy-to-use, and cost-efficient.
  • Zentral: A centralized sync service that pulls data from multiple sources and dynamically manages endpoint agents. Zentral is designed to facilitate modern GitOps workflows by unifying a full suite of application management, binary control and reporting with Apple MDM capability. The Santa rules in Zentral can be managed via Terraform.
  • Zercurity: A dockerized service for managing and monitoring applications across a large fleet using Santa + Osquery.

Alternatively, santactl can configure rules locally without a sync server.

See the Syncing Overview page for an explanation of how syncing works in Santa.